Martine Laurin - PED 3177 A (Monday) - The Canadian short story
is a genre that is arguably distinctly "Canadian" in its themes and form. Adaptation within a Canadian community and the examination of self within the context of 'what it means to be Canadian' are themes that characterize much of the works that fall into this genre. The form of the genre has also been characterized as fitting very well within the framework of "Canadianess" (if one can use the term) though it (of course) is not singular to Canada. The study of the Canadian short story with students at the Junior and Intermediate levels within Canadian classrooms can certainly serve to challenge students' conceptions of "Canadianess" while encouraging them to articulate and expand upon their own views on personal identity within a community framework. There is also the added benefit of studying other groups' conceptions of identity and culture within the Canadian community. Canadian literature is a complex and rich part of our shared identity as Canadians though it is by times problematic as a term. It is well worth the effort to explore!

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