chloe nordick
PED3177 Section A (monday)
Rachel Chuvalo
PED3177 Wed.
Student-Centred Literary Interpretation through Creative Drama
Student-centred classrooms are effective ones. Indeed, many students "learn through doing". The task of deriving deeper meaning from the written word can often be intimidating and uninspiring, I therefore propose integrating creative drama within the English program as a medium through which students may learn the skills reflected within the Language Arts curriculum, Through theatrical performance and/or critical analysis using a dramatic approach, students are able to experience and internalize the literature and therefore reflect meaningfully and even literally. Creative drama can be incorporated into course content easily, Within a novel study for example, students assume the role of the protagonist/antagonist and the teacher assigns writing/oral assignments based on the student's interpretation of the literary character. This kind of analysis is more student-centred than traditional methods of analysis because it allows class content to be experienced in a more dynamic style.

Jenny AbunassarPED 3177C (Wednesday) -- Promoting comfort with oral presentations/public speaking through the use of creative drama in the classroom.
Public speaking tends to be a difficult area of proficiency for many if not most of us. Given that public speaking may be necessary on a daily basis (at work or in university/college for instance), it would be advantageous for students to gain confidence in their public speaking abilities in an effort to promote confidence in public speaking abilities earlier in one's academic career. By providing students with opportunities to make oral presentations in the classroom, students may become more comfortable speaking in front of an audience. To ease some of the pressure of creating their own written material to present, students would be provided with selected excerpts from plays or poems to present to the class.