Journal Writing - The Creative Notebook Cheryl Gaumont: Journal writing as a way of integrating course components through daily creative writing topics. Will focus on developing and organizing ideas, reviewing, and editing content through to submission and reflection stage.

Unguided Journal Writing: This WikiPage focuses on incorporating unguided journals into the English language arts classroom. After providing a brief background on the topic of journals and a more specific definition of the topic, the page discusses reasons teachers may want to incorporate unguided journals into their classrooms. It then goes further to give instruction on how to effectively introduce journals into an English class (provided is a downloadable document with specific guidelines for interested teachers). The page also suggests different methods of assessing unguided journals from which teachers are free to choose from, or modify and then implement. Despite the benefits of unguided journals there are some potential problems that must be considered, the page addresses these and offers specific recommendations for each potential issue. The page concludes making a connection between journaling and blogging and briefly discussing ICT in the English language arts classroom offering links to additional resources teachers may want to consult for further information.

Andrea Tatarski - Wednesday: course-focussed journal writing that facilitates planning for assignments and reflecting on lessons, assignments, discussions, and other course-related topics