Mr. Hay's English Class

Hello and Welcome,
I hope that you will use this site to keep up to date as to what we are doing in class, assignments, tests, and to keep track of work and course material that you may have missed due to absences. If you (or your parents) can think of any way i could improve my wikispace, or anything that you would like to see included, please do not hesitate to offer me suggestions

1. Novels we will be Studying

We are beginning to explore the complex visions of society that George Orwell in 1984 and Ray Bradbury in Fahrenheit 451 have for our world. During the unit, we will be exploring issues of online privacy, abuse of technology, and the challenges of living in a digitally-connected world. The unit will also address the following two essential questions:

  1. How does the literature we read help us better understand the complexities of our world and our place in it?
  2. How do our surroundings and upbringing help influence the kind of people we become?


2. Class Calender and Due Dates

3. Class Blog

blogboard.jpgPlease visit the class blog by visiting the link below:

Mr. Hay's English Class

This site was created as a way for me to use technology and forge new connections with our reading and writing. We will use this site in several ways.

Often, I will post a prompt as a new blog entry and ask that you write an answer in the comments section. Doing this will allow us to better share ideas and opinions about what we are doing in class. Just remember, I still expect you to follow all the typical rules of composition and writing. This is no place for text-message abbreviations or sloppy writing.

The Blog will also be a way to communicate with parents and inform them of upcoming events. On the second Sunday of each month, an update will be posted with important information about the class' progress. Parents are invited to post their comments below the post.

Finally, you need to remember that what we say and do here is available for any of us to read - teachers, classmates, parents, members of the community, even others in the world. Look at that map of the world to the right and see where some of the visitors are from.

Keep this site bookmarked and refer to it regularly. Again, good luck this year.

4. February Assignments

This section will be updated each month with a list of major assignments. I hope that both students and parents will keep track of important due dates and ensure progress is made on major assignments

Assignment #3 1984: Due Monday February 22nd

1. Students must answer the following questions about the novel.

  • What the protaganist learns about the society by the end of Part I

  • Timeline of 5 most important events in Part I that make protaganist learn

  • Important quotes that could be used as warnings

  • What is realistic or unrealistic

5. Audio Books

If you or your parents would like to download an audio version of the books we are studying this semester, they can be purchased by clicking on the following links:

George Orwell's 1984

Fahrenheit 451

6. Student Work

This section of the wiki will be used to showcase some of the excellent work the students have completed this year. All work has received permission to be posted from students and parents.

Assignment #1: 1984 2 Minutes of Hate Project
Students were asked to use their multi-media skills to create a short video integrating Orwell's "2 minute Hate Speech" with public domain images and video clips.

Submitted by Team Oceanian: Jon, Frank, and Jamie

Assignment #2: 1984 Collage
Students were asked to create a collage which expressed some of the major themes in Orwell's novel.

Submitted by Team Eurasia: Becca, Sarah, and Courtney

Assignment #3: Fahrenheit 451 Questions
Students were asked to answer several questions about the novel. Next, they used Google docs to create a slideshow with their answers and present them to their classmates.

Submitted by The Fire Fighters: Deny Gonzalez Fuentes, Brede Doerner, John Nazario, Anjita Panta,Emily Sears

7. Resources

7.1 1984

George Orwell's Diaries

Important Quotes

Newspeak Dictionary

A 1949 Radio Adaptation of 1984

Orwell's Life in Pictures

Links to Orwell Resources: Bios, Essays, Novels

7.2 Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury's Website

Fahrenheit 451 and the Big Read Project

8. Late Policy

In an effort to increase student/parent/teacher communication, I have decided to pilot a new late work policy. Traditionally, I have deducted 10% per day on late assignments. This year I am offering students the option of turning in their late work without the late penalty. This can be done with a parent/guardian’s signature on the late work with a BRIEF explanation on the reason for being late. If you feel that your child’s work is late for reasons beyond their control (unexpected emergency, confusion over the assignment, struggling to master the concept, etc.) then you now have the option of writing a brief explanation and signing their late work and avoiding the late point reduction. If, however, you feel that your child does not have a sufficient reason to still get full credit for their late work (you feel they used their time poorly, procrastination, etc.) then you can certainly decline signing your child’s late work. They can still turn it in to me, and will receive the reduced points as per the grade level late policy.

I am piloting this new system with several goals in mind…

1. Increase student/parent/teacher cooperation in an easy and effective manner.

2. Help keep parents informed on the number of late assignments coming in to science.

3. Allow families the flexibility needed with deadlines when unexpected events occur.

Other districts that have adopted this policy have reported a decrease in late work (both excused and non-excused) as well as an increase in student/parent/teacher collaboration. I will be monitoring the effectiveness of this new policy throughout the year.